Gordon Fong

Gordon has been building technology businesses for over 20 years.  He worked at Apple-based telecommunications specialists Mac Connect, 4-Sight and WAM!NET before becoming a consultant and co-founding e-mango in early 2000. His computing background and initial posts in the customer service side of the IT industry have driven Gordon to instil in the organisation the customer-focussed approach that is crucial to the long-term strategy of any successful business.

Gordon is a pragmatic and logical thinker who, in addition to running e-mango, is frequenly found setting practical and achievable road maps for organisations who seek delivery and progress over paper and process.

In his private life, Gordon is a karate instructor, having trained others for 30 years and competed at national and international levels. He also maintains various personal blogs, review websites and likes to travel.  He also runs a number of blogs which focus on food and leisure in the communities in which he is active.